• Safety comes first and each reenactor participating in the battles must be aware of  basic safety regulations.
  • Every unit is expected to make safety issues a part of their basic training program and review their safety program throughout the year.
  • New recruits may have missed the safety  review and for that reason each new recruit must be familiar with and be able to pass the New Recruit Test for their arm of the army before being allowed to take the field for a battle.
  • The tests differ slightly in that they have some questions specific to either Cavalry, Infantry, or Artillery.
  • Other questions may be found on all tests as they pertain to all reenactors.
  • Unit commanders are to print out the appropriate tests and bring the blank copies to the event for their men to fill out when on site. Do not rely on battalion, brigade or division leadership to have copies for your use. Again, it is your responsibility to bring blank copies to the event.
  • Anyone not passing the test, or not able to take the test because their company/unit commander did not bring copies to the event, will not be allowed on the field.
  • If you or anyone in your unit intends on bringing a pistol onto the field, read the Pistol Check Policy below
  • DO NOT IGNORE THIS! Failure to be familiar with these regulations, procedures, including the Pistol Check Policy will slow down the smoothly run safety regulation program we have been using for several years. Be proactive and get these things taken care of beforehand, rather than be the man or unit that delays the scenario from starting, or worse yet, prevents a soldier from taking the field because his unit commander did not take the time to read this information. We require 100% compliance when it comes to YOUR safety!!!