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Aneroid Barometer
Used to determine elevation information for maps.  

Re-Discover History

          Reading about the Civil War may give you book knowledge, but when you participate with Company E, you will discover history first hand and in the most real way possible.

          Free your spirit, and travel back in time to a
s  i  m  p  l  e  r     d  a  y.

See the elephant...
          Come join those who have, and enjoy the laughter around the camp fires, the crisp mornings, fresh air, the sound of the bugle, and the camaraderie of  
Co. E.   

We do not make brash statements about the company. We don't have to. Our Integrity, and  Reputation define what Co. E is all about.
          If you are looking for a unit to join we encourage you to look at other units first. That will then give you a perspective for evaluating Co. E, and appreciating our

  • Attention to detail

  • Well Known Dedication to authenticity

  • Respected reputation from the west to the east coast among other reenactors.

  • Company organization

  • Consistent Leadership

  • Respect as a Living History unit

  • Quality of membership and leadership

  • Quality events attended. We do not waste our time on low quality  events. See our event schedule.

"But the engineers, (Co. E, 3rd Regt.) take their research a bit further than most. To gain any kind of rank in the unit you have to pick a specific engineering topic to study; mapmaking, say, or fortifications..."

Quote from the San Diego Union-Tribune newspaper
Sunday November 2, 1997

For the Cause

          We are actively seeking Recruits for upcoming battles and Living History.
          If you like history, and have an interest in the War between the States, do not put it off another day, contact the Captain now.
          While we portray an engineer unit, you need no engineering experience to join this unit.
We will train you in the various engineering related activities we do, along with the Infantry Drill every soldier needs to know.
          All it takes is a willingness to learn, and a little of your time.
          Please scroll down for e-mail address and phone number to contact us for more information.

Loaner gear

          On a first come first served basis, we can often outfit you with uniform and equipment items so you can experience Civil War reenacting to see if it is for you.
          Call today to schedule your gear for the next reenactment.

Contact Co. E

e-mail the Captain or
Call the Captain at