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From LA, take I-5 to Oceanside.
When coming from Oceanside on Hwy. 76, at N. Santa Fe Road, you should turn right and continue to the museum entrance at 2040 N. Santa Fe Road.


From Riverside County, take I-15 to Hwy. 76W. Exit at N. Santa Fe Road and turn left. Proceed as above.


Saturday, March 10, 2007

9:00   Officers' Call-Federal and Confederate Unit Commanders (Confederate Brigade HQ)
9:15   Officers' Call (Battalion Commanders and above)
10:00   Event officially begins. All vehicles out of camp
11:30   Brigade Formation and Weapons Inspection
12:00   First Engagement
12:45   Infantry, and cavalry demonstration (field)
2:00   Meet Mr. Lincoln and President Davis (Stage),
2:30   Assembly and Weapons Inspection
3:00   Second Engagement, followed by the Gettysburg Address
5:00   Rations
7:00   Dance
10:00   TAPS - Quiet in camp

 Sunday, March 11, 2007

7:00   Reveille
8:00   Church call (Stage)
9:00   Officers Call--Federal and Confederate Battalion Commanders and Above  (Federal Brigade HQ)
10:00   Public is admitted - Living History
10:30   Brigade formation and Weapons Inspection
11:45   Third Engagement
12:30   Artillery, Infantry and Cavalry Demonstration (field)
1:00   Meet Mr. Lincoln and President Davis (Stage)
1:15   Assembly and Weapons Inspection.
2:15   Fourth Engagement, followed by Gettysburg Address
3:00   Raffle for reenactors (Must be present to win!)
3:30   Break camp as necessary.



Click on map to view Camp Layout for Vista

March 6, 2007

My fellow reenactors,

First, please note that the July event at the Antique Gas & Steam Engine Museum has been moved from July 7-8 to July 14-15 at the Museum's request. This is good news for the timeline at Fort Mac because the annual conflict is eliminated. Of course, this shift in weekends conflicts with the event at Fort Tejon that same weekend.
Frankly, while this conflict is unfortunate in theory, for at least the last two years and probably more, I can think of no reenactor, other than may three or four men in the Richmond Howitzers, who attended the Vista event and who then went to the event at Fort Tejon the following weekend. Given the fact that the two events are on the northern and southern edges of the Southern California reenacting area, they draw from different pools of reenactors, and when the site host has asked us to change weekends, we have to pay heed.
For this upcoming weekend, I am pleased to announce that we have more print coverage in the media than we have ever had in the past. The AAA magazine, "Westways," has listed our event for the first time. As an example of the difficulty in getting mentioned there, it has been a yearly annoyance for the Rotary Club when promoting the Moorpark event to be always bypassed for coverage in "Westways" for no obvious reason. Regarding newspaper coverage, two newspaper articles ran last Sunday, one news article ran today, and two more are planned this week, one of which will be a story in the San Diego Union Tribune. The Union Tribune has never given us coverage before, and its greater circulation in the southern part of the county should be felt at the event.
I am happy to report that we are going to have an indoor dance for the first time at one of the Museum's spacious new buildings. Even though we are blessed with a good weather report, the comfort level will be enhanced at the dance indoors. Thanks to Ginger Alberti, David Powell and all of the fine musicians for helping make Saturday evening more enjoyable. Registration fees of $2.00 will go straight to the band for providing our entertainment.
The Museum will be offering its $5.00 breakfast on Saturday and Sunday, as well as its Saturday night dinner. Those of you wishing to forego the burden of cooking will be able to do so.
For first timers, yes, RV space is available at the site. Firewood for above ground fires will be provided. A $10.00 allowance in lieu of hay will be given to horsemen. Arrival after noon on Friday is permitted.
Col. Reed Settle has graciously placed the Release and Waiver on his unit's website, Just go to Event Schedule and scroll down to the Vista event. Minors who will be participating without a parent present need to have the form signed by a parent before they leave home.
Please forward this email to those on your reenactor email list!
We're looking forward to a great weekend. I hope that you are making plans to attend!
Ed Mann

February 13, 2007

My fellow reenactors,


I certainly hope that you are planning to attend the event in Vista on March 10 and 11. Should the weather not cooperate and rain occurs that weekend, we will hold the event the following weekend.


The PR machine is already gaining traction, so the media results should be excellent for the event.


Straw and firewood will, of course, be provided. Mounted reenactors will receive $10.00 in lieu of hay. We will have the traditional dance on Saturday night.


The museum is currently planning on offering its low cost Saturday dinner, but we will need a proper headcount on Saturday morning for those who wish to attend.


To get there, for most of you, take I-5 to Hwy. 76 in Oceanside. Go east about 6 miles. Exit at N. Santa Fe Road and turn right. Go about 2 miles to 2040 N. Santa Fe Road and turn right. The road will lead you back to the museum.