First Division

Union Forces

Army of the Potomac

Western Department


Colonel Gary Fradella, Commanding

- General Staff -

Chief of Staff - Lieutenant Colonel Al Haun

Adjutant - Major John Maurais

First Division Field Hospital Surgeon - Captain Larry Duncan

Aide-de-Camp Captain Doug Mroczek

Provost Marshall - Captain Ted Stahr

Assistant Provost Marshall Second Lieutenant Gary Dines

Signal Corps Captain Russel Nakaishi

Baloon Corps Captain Steven Demory

Pay Master - Captain Fred Lynch

Chaplain - Captain Roger Hurley

Chief Musician - Sergeant Chris Miller

First Division Drummer - Private Richard Raver

- Union Artillery Branch -

Lieutenant Colonel Robert Glessner Commanding Artillery

Sergeant Major Dean Vargas


- Union Cavalry Branch -

Lieutenant Colonel William Schurmann Commanding Dismounted Cavalry Departmemt

Lieutenant Colonel Danial Mc Cluskey Commanding Mounted Cavalry Department

Sergeant Major John Roberts


- Union Infantry Branch -

Major Gary Busic Commanding First Infantry Brigade

Brevet Major Shane Padden Commanding Second Infantry Brigade