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fttejon.jpg (88632 bytes) Co. E at Ft. Tejon, CA  
PicketsCharge.jpg (31318 bytes) Pickets Charge, Gettysburg, 1998  
PicketsCharge2.jpg (28070 bytes) Pickets Charge, Gettysburg, 1998  
PicketsCharge3.jpg (38593 bytes) Pickets Charge, Gettysburg, 1998  
NewMarket.jpg (24455 bytes) Co. E members walk in the footsteps of Co. E at
New Market Battlefield
Duke.jpg (27138 bytes) Co. E Member Pvt. Duke Harless  
NewMktCannons.jpg (17965 bytes) The  Cannons that Co. E faced at New Market  
FollowsCampMaj.JPG (29925 bytes) Maj. Settle and Maj. Rubio discuss Infantry placement  
CoEFtTejon.JPG (19715 bytes) Co. E, Ft. Tejon, April 1999  
Blackson.jpg (6899 bytes) Artificer Blackson  
Men.jpg (24516 bytes) Artificers, and ,Co E.  
Gettysburg94.jpg (38030 bytes) Co. E, with Engineer Bureau at Gettysburg, 1994  
FtTowson95.jpg (43121 bytes) Capt. Settle with Maj. Jernigan,
Stand Watie Campaign, Ft. Towson, Oklahoma 1995
FtTejonBrigdeStaff.jpg (30740 bytes) Chief Engineer, Maj. Settle with Confederate Brigade, Ft. Tejon, CA  
LeeCustis.jpg (9695 bytes) Lee Custis Mansion, Arlington Virginia  
JacksonHome.jpg (15781 bytes) Stonewall Jackson Home, Lexington, Virginia